The power of owning sexuality


Modern women adore sex just as much as men do. Gone are the days women were expected to just lie back and be quiet. Reading escorts are in fact the contrary, they are sexually confident, they know what they want and what will make them reach an orgasm. Most of them can be as vocal and loud as they like and offer you numerous positions to choose from. Apparently, we all have different sexual preferences, Reading escorts from have power over their own sexuality and they know what position really works for them. Hiring an escort has been just like hiring any other professional such as mechanic, lawyer or doctor. You pay them for a service, not matter the service you are after, professional offer better service. You should treat escorts the same way you treat other professionals that you hire. Just like the other professionals, Reading escorts give you value for your money. They will always look forward to seeing you again, just like a mechanic likes to see his customers come around.

Reading escorts

Women are known to value other fundamental factors such as an emotional connection and their desire. If a woman is more connected to a man and she feels comfortable with him, she is likely to enjoy the sex just as much as the man. However, if there is no connection, it is going to be the man who will enjoy the sex. The ability for women to enjoy sex is also affected by the environment. A woman’s sexual desire can be dictated by context and the environment.

Women are some special creatures that need to be given special attention in all aspects of a relationship including sex. Frankly speaking, I don’t think there is any woman under the sun who wants to be in a relationship with a man who cannot satisfy her in bed. Some men have erectile dysfunction and poor virility, which renders them useless when it comes to making love to their partners. For this reason, many women are forced to look for other men who can fully satisfy them in bed. Lately, this has been one of the main reasons why women cheat in relationships.

Some women are never satisfied with what their boyfriends or husbands give them in terms of valuables like money and gifts. This is one the reasons why we have so many sex workers in the streets today. In fact, some of them have families, while others are in healthy relationships. But because of their greed and unwavering desire to have more money, they are forced to look for other wealthy men outside their relationships and marriages to bankroll them.

Reading escorts see no shame in the way they enjoy the act of intimacy, a sexually confident escort with a healthy intimate urge is a huge enticement to any man. Men are looking for ladies who think about themselves, men are more enticed by a lady who believes in herself and is confident to express her own opinion. Men appreciate women who love their bodies and are confident to show it off. No man would be enticed by a lady who is ashamed of her own body. Reading escorts are always ready to boast of their attributes and attract most men attention than escorts who are afraid to do so. Escorts who have power over their own sexuality are willing to try something new with their clients and will always attract men.