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These days, it seems like you cannot open a newspaper without seeing a scaremongering headline about the damaging impact of pornography on modern societies. It is either corrupting our children, eroding our relationships, or making it impossible to for us to find sexual fulfillment. Is it any surprise that kids are growing up with an insatiable need to see this ‘forbidden fruit’ and that adults are feeling increasingly anxious about their porn habits?

The bottom line is that internet pornography is here to stay – all the campaigns and protests in the world will not change that. They are also unlikely to change the human instinct to pursue this kind of erotic material, so what should you do if your partner likes to watch porn? Well, the first step to take, particularly if it makes you feel uncomfortable, is to talk about it.

The Intricate World of Pornography

There is so much misunderstanding and conflict within relationships which comes from dishonesty or evasion – discuss the matter with your partner. If you can begin to understand why they enjoy watching porn, and what it does for their sexuality, it might be easier to see this kind of stimulus as a harmless hobby, interest, or preference.

The instinct, particularly for wives and girlfriends, is to feel hurt when they find out that their partners watch porn, because they assume that it represents a degree of fulfillment. They start to believe that their husband or boyfriend is getting something from pornography which he cannot get from them. Once again, the best way to deal with this is simply to ask.

Learning How to Compromise

Plus, there is nothing stopping you from making pornography a part of your sexual routine. There are lots of couples who watch porn together (and separately) who have extremely healthy sex lives. You would be amazed at the amount and variety of porn available today. There is feminist porn, BDSM porn, solo porn, group porn, and anything else that you can imagine– find your preference and experiment.

There is far too much emphasis on conflict within relationships these days, on demanding to take one approach instead of coming together to find compromises. This is one of the situation in which a couple can reach a consensus together, as long as both parties are rational and reasonable. Your man is not going to run off with a porn star because he likes to watch her have sex online – and you are not in any way strange or odd if you give into a little curiosity to find out what it is all about.…

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