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I’m just not enough. That’s what I always hear about my girlfriend talking to me. to be honest I don’t even want to be with her because she always fills my head with negative things. i should just try to be involve with a person who’s going to love me no matter what. And my girlfriend is just not the one that I’ve been looking for. i know how bad it seems to be with me. But I don’t deserve to be treated like a trash all of the time. So I told myself a couple of times just to try to make sense out of my situation and be happy about my life in the meantime. i have to break up with my girlfriend for now because the reality is that we just don’t fit in each other’s live well. it hurts me to admit and say this things but I have to be able to move on with somebody else and try to be someone new. It’s a hard decision. But in the end it’s going to be what caused me to heal the broken heart that I have experienced in the past. There’s something wrong with my ex-girlfriend and I am glad that I am living far away from her right now. It’s nice to live a life free from her for a change. She not a good person to me and likes to hurt me emotionally all of the time. That’s why it’s really sad to stay with her and be insecure all of the time that we are together. It’s just not going to cut it at all. We all knew that things are going to get better as long as we just admit that our relationship is not going to work anymore. making sure that everything is going to be alright is hard but I have to figure out what to do next in my life because if I can’t do that then I should just be a failure all of my life. Then things turn around after I got a West Midland escort to be my friend. She looked attractive and most importantly has a good heart. That’s why I am happy to stay in her life and look for something to fight for. I’m deeply happy with what happened to me and a West Midland escort. She is as excited to spend time with me as I am with her. She wants a faithful mam and a person who will always stay honest with her. i assured her that this West Midland escort is never going to be cheated of she is going to pick me as her boyfriend. Thankfully she gave me the opportunity to stay with her. Now I am happy to stay with a West Midland escort and have a lot of fun with her. i know how good it feels to stay with a West Midland escort that loves me truly deep down inside. That’s why I want to be together all of the time with her.