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I never thought that my happiness is an entire stranger to me. All my life, I focus myself on the woman I am in a relationship with. I thought my life would get better when I am with her, but as time pass by, it feels like she is choking me in the relationship. I am happy that we end up together, she is my longtime crush and glad to have her in my life. But I discover that our relationship isn’t healthy anymore, it becomes toxic, and we keep holding it. No one wants a breakup, right? It is one of the hardest things you could ever decide. But sometimes you have to make decisions to be able to grow and find happiness.

I cheated my girlfriend, maybe because I am not happy with her anymore. I know I am wrong, but I don’t find myself with her anymore. I must tell her about my feelings before she finds out. I do not want to hurt her, but I did because of keeping a secret with her. I knew it hurt when someone thought you love them but it is not. When you can’t tell your partner about your feelings because you knew they would get hurt. Because you knew that the blame is on you and you decide to continue the relationship even you don’t feel it anymore. Many people chose to stay because of being afraid; there are lots of what’s if running on your head.

Just like what happened to me, I am in seven years relationship with my girlfriend. Anika is a beautiful woman, smart and talented. Our relationship went well. First, it was smooth and happy. Both of us are happily in love and proud to have each other. But as time pass by, I notice her changes, the way she dresses, she approaches people, and especially ruling my life. I don’t want anyone to dictate me but because she is my girlfriend, I longer my patience with her. What she thinks should always be followed. I feel like being a puppy, her follower. Our relationship becomes unfair; it is all about her now. Her opinions, emotions, and feelings always matter. We kept fighting and been cold for days. Every time we fight, I book an Aperfield escort, when I am with an Aperfield escort I am happy and be myself. I can tell her my plans for life, and she supported me. Unlike Anika who disagree always. I knew that I am in love with an Aperfield escort, and Anika finds out. She becomes hysterical, and that is the time too I shared my feelings. We broke up and have closure. I find pure happiness with an Aperfield escort of https://charlotteaction.org/aperfield-escorts and find myself with her.