I am glad that my wife stays with me after I cheated on her – Bromley escort

I know what I have done wrong; I know how much it kills her every day after she knew it. Yes I was fool to do stupid stuff. It’s not easy to see your wife crying because of you. It’s not easy to see her everyday carrying a burden in her heart. I pity her so much because of my stupidity. I know that it’s not easy to be cheated on, I know how it feels long way before when my ex-girlfriend did it to me and it shut down my world. My wife knows how devastated I am that time that is why she is very careful of her actions not to make any mistakes any more. She is a great wife, a descent woman and has principle in life. I met my wife back in London. She stayed in the place of Bromley where I had my vacation after my ex-girlfriend hurt me so bad. It’s only with her I find comfort. It’s only with my Bromley escort who shows me that she is not worth of a good man like me. I thought I was that Goodman he tells me. I thought I couldn’t do cheating my entire life. She knows how much I hated cheater but it turns out that I became one of those. I know my mistake is unforgivable as I made it many times and enjoying other girls every night. She had no idea about it since she gives me her full trust. But that’s the consequence though; it’s hard to earn it all back again. I realized that I did not just cheat to Bromley escort from https://charlotteaction.org/bromley-escorts but to our family. I become an irresponsible father and husband. Thankfully the girl that had accused me of impersonating her turns out not to be mine as the DNA confirmed. I told my wife to give me last chance if the DNA is negative. We have deal and she waited patiently on that moment. Bromley escort stand on her promise, she continued being a wife to me but not the same thing as before. She still has doubt in me and it’s killing me. Having her with me makes me feel better; she is there for me all the time. She makes sure that I get the best rest after a long tiring day. I got a great husband with me. Because of her I am who I am now. Because of her my life has changed. But I didn’t think of that when I cheated her. I just take her for granted. Bromley escort is one of the people I love of having in my life that is why I am doing my best to get back her trust on me. I know it would be a hard battle for me, but this is part of my mistake. I am willing to do everything I can in my power to have my old wife back.