At one point or another, most men will have doubts about their “endowment”.


Are they big enough to satisfy their partner? The answer to this is always yes according to Cheap London Escorts! This is because women most commonly climax through stimulation of the clitoris, and this pleasure nub is actually located outside of the vagina. Any penetration that happens during sex is simply icing on the orgasm cake. But don’t breathe easy yet; there are tricks to hitting that magic button. Forget everything you’ve seen in porn and find out what really works when it comes to hitting the sweet spot. Hint: it has everything to do with position!


  1. CAT- Not at all related to felines, this position is referred to as the Coital Alignment Technique, aka the “Perfect Position”. This is a modified missionary position where the male lies flat against his partner, a few inches higher than normal. Instead of moving in and out of the vagina, he rocks against her, using his pelvis and the base of his penis to stimulate the clit. To kick this up a notch, trying putting a pillow under her hips to increase the angle for more penetration according to London Escorts.


  1. Girl on Top- This position is perfect for reaching the clitoris and has the added bonus of putting her into the driver’s seat so she can experiment with various adjustments to see what works best for her.


  1. Lotus- This is a very intimate position that doesn’t allow for a lot of movement but does provide for a wonderful grinding motion. He will sit on the bed with his legs crossed, or extended in front of him flat on the bed. She will then straddle him with her legs on either side of his hips. After lowering down onto him, she can fold her legs behind his back to draw him closer.


  1. Sideways Straddle- This one can be pretty complicated so proceed with caution. While the man is laying on his back with his knees bent and feet on the bed, his partner will straddle one of his legs, facing backwards. So one of her legs is between his legs while the other is on the outside of his thigh. She will need to reach down to guide his penis into her. This position works well because the woman is in control and the hip and thigh can provide friction and stimulation to the clitoris.


  1. Give her a hand- Of course there are other ways to stimulate the clitoris; your hand can be your friend here. During penetration, in many different positions, you can stimulate the clitoris with your fingers (or even a vibrator). Or, put aside your own pleasure and concentrate fully on your partner, she will be able to come from manual stimulation of the clit alone.


  1. Put your mouth into it- You were given a mouth for reasons other than talking and eating. Try going down on your partner and you will quickly find no penis is necessary for an orgasm.


You may have noticed that these tips ignore the possibility of climax through g-spot stimulation. A woman’s g-spot is just a few inches into the vagina so even a small penis can reach it. However, because of the elusiveness of the g-spot climax, you may want to save this when you are exploring and experimenting.