Are men put off by sex toys?

I have always been one of the those gents who have enjoyed dating London escorts. The girls I date at London escorts are more open minded than other ladies that I have met, and I really do get a kick out of hanging out with London escorts. At the moment, all of the girls I date at my favorite London escorts service, seem to be going through a sex toy craze. Sure, sex toys are fun, but not all guys are into them. Some gents I know even worry about hurting girls with sex toys.

Are men put off by sex toys? In general, I don’t think that guys are put off by sex toys that much, but I do think that they take pride in satisfying a woman more naturally. However, it is hard for a man to tell if a woman is faking it. All of this talk about sex toys, makes me think that a lot of women do have a hard time achieving an orgasm in bed. In that case, I think you should say something to the man you are with at the time. There is a lot more to this sex toys business that London escort seem to be so hooked on.

Solo play for women seems to be the accepted norm for many ladies. I have to be frank, I am not sure all women really have time for men any longer. The girls here at London escorts don’t seem to have boyfriends, at least I have not heard any of the girls that I date on a regular basis talk about boyfriends. Could it be that things are changing so much that men are being replaced by vibrators? I honestly think that is true, and a lot of guys I know who do not date London escorts, really seem to struggle when it comes to hooking up with girls.

What is the future of dating? Well, I really don’t know but that is not the only thing that troubles me. It seems to be that a lot girls simply do not let guys into their lives. Women these days have become very much more independent than they used to be and I guess that is changing the dating landscape as well. A lot of it has to do with that ladies earn their own money now, and even buy their own places without the help of a man. Most of the girls I speak to at my London escort agency seem to be very independent and often own their own homes. It is a little bit like you don’t get a look in any more.

Are we going to end up in a world without relationships and companionship? I think it could easily happen if we are not careful. Yes, I love to have a permanent partner and not date London escorts all of the time, but it would have to mean that she would have to be interested in me as well. It is nice to have female companion, but I am not sure that I am ever going to be able to find the right girl here in London. Could it be that friendship and companionship, will eventually become part of the service community just like house cleaning and other professional services out there.